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The Latitude Vehicle Tracking Bureau has been established to provide a fleet management bureau facility to the fleet industry. Latitude is independent of tracking suppliers to the industry and is entirely non product specific. We are able to simultaneously manage the information services of multiple supplier systems and to consolidate the information into a range of management tools and easy to read exception reports. Latitude provides a number of specialist services that focus on operating cost management. These include vehicle utilisation and fuel management. Our offering includes the following:

  1. The identification of a range of tracking systems, including details of specifications and services
  2. The analysis of information generated by the multiple tracking systems and its consolidation into a range of management tools and easy to read exception reports
  3. Utilization Management
  4. Toll gate fee management

1.   The identification of a range of tracking systems

We have established working relationships with all of the major suppliers of tracking equipment.

As such we are uniquely positioned to not only provide interpreted management data from these systems, but also identify where their deployment is best suited.

We are therefore able to provide quantifiable recommendations of which product can be used in a specific application depending on the client requirements.

We are able to recommend and source:

  • A range of tracking systems that can be utilised in this fleet of Passenger and Light and Heavy Commercial vehicles
  • Equipment where the after sales service can be rated historically
  • Preferential pricing due to the fact that Latitude make no margin

2.   The analysis of information and its consolidation into a range of management tools and easy to read exception reports – Scoring Report

The Latitude Vehicle Tracking Bureau focuses on the analysis of the massive volume of data generated by our customer’s tracking systems and its subsequent consolidation into a range of management tools and easy to read exception reports.

Latitude has developed a unique scoring system, which can simultaneously run across a number of systems. The daily report which can be accessed online as well as scheduled in an e-mailed Excel report, assigns to each vehicle and/or driver a weighted score which combines the actual performance of selected operating components (e.g. speeding, harsh braking). This score will be the same regardless of the tracking system being utilized.

Exceptions are highlighted as those falling below benchmark values. Additional pages within these scoring reports will enable the fleet manager to identify specifically where a driver fell short of requirements.

These daily exception reports facilitate easy and daily management of drivers whose performance is below benchmark requirements.

The consistent application of this scoring system has

  • resulted in reduced accident frequency and a reduction in insurance premiums
  • reduced fuel costs

3.  Utilization Management

The most cost beneficial method of reducing fleet costs is to maximise vehicle utilisation which can result in overall fleet reduction.

Latitude’s Scoring Report contains a page dedicated to the reporting of daily Kilometres travelled by a vehicle and /or driver. This daily report provides far greater detail than the monthly record of Km’s travelled. Analysis of this daily Km’s report identifies periods of utilisation which becomes the framework of fleet planning and income projection.

4.   Toll Gate Fee Management

The current practice at toll gates of batching data is promoting a fraudulent environment where daily costs are aggregated which does not permit analysis and verification. This practice results in the daily billing of multiple transactions which may not be applicable to your fleet.

Toll fees for Commercial Vehicles are substantial and represent a significant portion of operating costs.

The Latitude Bureau has developed a measurement system that identifies when a vehicle passes through a toll booth. The daily report identifies the following:

  • Vehicle Reg / ID
  • Date and time
  • Toll Gate name
  • Toll Gate fee applicable to the class of vehicle being monitored
  • Daily / weekly / monthly totals
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